I have many projects from web design, to computer hacking but my focus is currently on:

The hosting company the site was on had a massive issue in their server farm. Turns out they never once in ten years took a backup of the web site or the database. So I am in the process of rebuilding. I have my own backups, but I would rather just start over in PHP and Yii.

Embeded Programming
I got an arduino for the holidays, and a raspberry pi for my birthday. So far all I can do it turn on LEDs and make them blink. But I have a ton of projects around the house and a constant stream of ideas.

Plugin Service
A year ago I had an idea called, the idea was great, find and track stolen laptops, the implementation was "just ok". As a programmer I doubt that I will ever be happy with the code, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and release a version of code. Just as the project was becoming successful, the hosting company migrated the database and code to a new server, and in the process corrupted the datasbase and took it upon themselves to change my code, everything I worked toward was lost...before you ask, yes this was the same company that just lost the database for this site.

Beyond frustrated I realized this was a chance to start over, to make a clean break. I have been working on the new version called Plugin Service. The KickStarter project failed to get funded (thats what happens when you don't advertise), but I am continuing development of the project.