Power Admin

NamePower Admin
Date Released2009-11-15

Power Admin is the answer to thousands of Windows Network Administrators. How many times have you needed to manage multiple servers in an Active Disrectory enviroment only to find the microsoft mmc snapins to be clumsy and frustrating. And third part vendors are often overpriced while very short on features. Some of the feaures include:

  • Searchable computer lists
  • Add computers mannually or import from Active Directory
  • Automatically ping computers when you open a list
  • Right click to Remote Desktop to the selected computer
  • Direct access to the Managment MMC
  • Direct access to the Events MMC
  • Direct access to the Services MMC
  • Direct access to the Shares MMC
  • Direct access file system
  • Run and export WMI queries
  • Uses Windows native dialogs and functions when ever possible

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