Database divided by zero...

The hosting company my site was located on lost the database, I have moved to a new host and am rebuilding, if you are reading this, you are on the new site, please watch your step I am still unpacking from the move and still in the process of converting the site from ASP and SQL to PHP and MySql.

Hi, my name is Bryan Cairns.

My interests in computers runs far and wide and as a result the content on this site ranges from freeware applications that I have created, to video tutorials covering just about every topic that piques my interest.

The programs section is where you will find all the applications that I create and share with the world. Some of these are just simple utilities and yet others are pretty sophisticated.

If you are looking for source, then you have come to the right place. I upload source code for just about everything that I happen to write code for. It could be a simple VBScript or a cross platform C++ application.

One thing I love to do is share what I know, so if you are willing to learn, then check out the tutorials that I have. Some of these are tightly integrated with my YouTube channel.

Please check back often as I try to constantly update the site.